This is how Youth is showcasing Women centric issues through YouTube


With a vision of giving a makeover in the society towards women and other social aspects, few college students of Lovely Professional University , Punjab had started a production house,‘Hatsoff Production’. Usually these days people are putting different contents which are normal and usually revolves around youth. But ‘Hatsoff Production’ have feat in itself , to showcase other issues in a fun way which ends up giving a Nobel message at last.

Recently they have launched a short flim,‘Mr.Mom’,directed by Mr. Rahul Mandal and with an amazing cinematography by  Mr.Yash Malik(Head of Cinematography,Hatsoff Production).It is a social aspect movie which revolves around thepain of a women.She is baring day and night and what cruel pain she might be facing in Village areas is un-expectable.Lovely Professional University Chancellor really appreciated the work by students and people from Punjab really loved it.

Commenting on the dream project of HatoffProduction,Head of Marketing and Spokesperson,Mr.Aryan Srivastava said: “For us our main focus is to entertain people and by entertaining them our main focus is to send a noble thought among people that we should be first to bring a change in today’s society. You can simply go to YouTube and access our page which is ‘Hatsoff Production’ in which you will get our work. We really got love in Punjab but now it is the time to spread this global message in entire world”.

For more details you can go to our YouTube page which is  : Hatsoff Production


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