Must-have On-Demand Apps For Every Millenial


    The world of today is demand-oriented. When someone wants something, they want it as soon as possible. On-demand apps serve that purpose and they deliver instantly. They connect the consumer with the business or service provider from where they can avail of a wide variety of products or services. Smartphone users in India are using such apps to make their life easier. Millennials make up the vast majority of on-demand app users as they thrive on instant gratification. On-demand apps excel in providing a variety of products and services to customers whenever they want and wherever they want. Therefore, a millennial is bound to have more than a few of the most popular on-demand apps out there on their smartphone for the sheer convenience they provide to end-users. Here are 4 on-demand apps in India for a simpler life.

    Uber: A ride(cab) hiring service that can be used to get a ride in over 700 cities worldwide. All you need to have is a phone number and an email address. When you book a ride in Uber, it alerts an Uber driver near you who comes to your location and drives you to your destination. The app automatically calculates the route, distance, and fare. The customer can choose from a variety of payment methods to pay for their ride. It also offers users the option of becoming an Uber driver. You can drive your own car in your spare time and make some extra money on the side. And the best thing is, you get to be your own boss.

    image.png Health and fitness have always been a trend. But in recent years, it has become a requirement. With our sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy environment, staying fit and mentally sound is an absolute must. helps users with maintaining a healthier and active lifestyle with extra emphasis on customer comfort and convenience. One can order nutritious meals, book yoga or therapy sessions, join group workouts or call a personal trainer at home. Cure. fit comprises of, and that serve as sub-platforms of the health and fitness app. While is a physical fitness platform, and focus on food and mental wellness. Users can also use the Do-it-yourself content to follow workout videos and meditation lessons to do them by themselves at home.


    Milkbasket: Milkbasket is a daily grocery delivery app that delivers the everyday requirements of any household, right at their doorsteps. Users can order milk, bread, eggs, fresh meats, and even fruits and vegetables from the app. There is no need to checkout and the groceries are delivered between 5 AM to 7 AM. Customers pay through the mobile wallet and can top it up whenever it is low on funds. Orders placed after 7 AM till midnight are delivered the next morning. Users can receive their order in-hand or can opt to have the left on the doorsteps for a hassle-free experience.


    Amazon Flex: E-commerce giant Amazon launched the Amazon Flex app to hire part-time delivery drivers who can work flexibly and earn money by delivering Amazon packages. Drivers can build their own timetables and work as many hours as they want in a day. Anyone over the age of 18 years can join the Amazon Flex program by providing personal and vehicle information. Amazon Flex drivers are insured under a group insurance policy and they can also receive cash tips from customers. The driver earns on an hourly basis and the payments are made by Amazon every week. The money is sent directly to the registered bank account. Drivers can make anywhere from INR120 to INR140 per hour. However, fuel expenses are not paid for by Amazon. Amazon Flex is available in 7 other countries except for India and offers a great way to make some extra income for anyone.



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